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John Melnick

Client Relationship Manager

John Melnick is a Client Relationship Manager at the Reilly Financial Group, a financial services organization known for its specialized team and the personalized advice and guidance they provide to clients as they build their financial security.

John is dedicated to assisting our advisors with providing clients with integrated financial solutions. As part of a specialized team, he is able to tap into a wide range of resources and, working alongside our advisors, provide clients with integrated and customized solutions to help them successfully fulfill their objectives.

Clients benefit from John’s commitment, experience and personal focus. John’s ultimate goal is to enrich the quality of our clients’ lives by working with our advisors to help them not only achieve their financial goals, but protect their income, family and legacy at every stage of their lives.

Cheryl Yoelson

Executive Assistant

Brit Bryson

Personal Assistant

Lonna Barrett

Director of Marketing

Rodney Juco

Business Development Consultant

Christopher Jule

Director of Client Service & Onboarding

George O'Shaughnessy III

Director of Client Technology

Dawn Wald

Personal Marketing Assistant

Patricia Reilly

Media & PR Specialist

Paola Pentz

Executive Assistant